October 2011

Interesting Video on One Birth Control Pill

Most or all of you know that I won't take patients on chemical birth control. The reason is it is impossible to get better with my program while taking it. And, in fact, many people have fallen ill due to it exclusively or in combination with other factors.

Fantastic Article on the Capacity of the Human Body Functioning Outside the Box!

It is human nature to go to what we "know" and to often not allow ourselves to imagine that it is possible to deal with a problem in an alternative way to the norm. This is a great example of that-and remember, it is only ONE example...think how many more there are! http://www.naturalnews.com/033854_cavities_remedies.html

This May be Of Interest To Some

as many of these things overlap with chronic illnesses like IC. So, I thought I would post this for those of you who may be interested. 

Dear California NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

There are 3 important items that we wanted to bring to your attention in California: