Angie, Los Angeles

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Angie, Los Angeles

Angie woke up in pain one day about 3 years ago. She went to the bathroom and had pain for the rest of the day. She went to a doctor who put her on antibiotics and a dietary regimen. She feels that green tea was the cause of her IC. She drank a tremendous amount of it and it is full of tannin. As it progressed She went to several doctors. She was treated for dry skin and a bacterial infection. No one understood what was going on.

Angie was referred to Matia, through a naturopathic pharmacy. Matia calmed down my pain significantly after the first visit with acupuncture. She also continued to see urologists and had two DMSO treatments. After the second one she felt she wanted to die, she was in so much pain. She called Matia in agony. Matia took her immediately and relieved the pain.

After this Angie continued exclusively with Matia. She had to go back and forth adjusting the herbs until she got the right mix. It is not the same for everyone like Western medicine. Chinese medicine is meant to adapt to the individual.

Angie did not have candida but she did have bacteria, which she attributes to eating a lot of sushi. She no longer eats this.

It took about 18 months for Angie to feel significantly better, and about 18 months later she was able to eat and drink anything she likes without any side effects. Now she continues to be symptom-free without treatment or maintenance.

Angie says that Matia is like no other medical professional she has ever met. Her father is a doctor and she went to the best doctors money can buy. Matia is the only person that assured her that she would get better. She had so much confidence in her and her knowledge of Chinese herbs and medicine. Angie feels that 50% of improving is having hope. No one is going to find a medical professional like Matia. She is compassionate, and we as women need that. If you have lost hope when you get to her she will renew it.