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The ICAMA provides hope by offering an alternative outlook and approach to IC and the many chronic conditions that often accompany it. This approach is not for the purpose of providing a simple remedy to produce a cure but, rather, to guide the person from point A (chronic illness) to point Z (restored, balanced health) through the use of integrated medicine. This is a process, not a product. We at the ICAMA are here to guide and teach, as well as treat.

By combining the centuries old methodology of Chinese medicine with the modern technological advantages of Western medicine and remaining open to the possibilities provided by this union, IC may be treated without limitation, resulting in the restoration of good health.The ICAMA was created with the vision of forming an association solely dedicated to extending hope and help through the use of alternative and integrative medical approaches to those suffering from IC.

The ICAMA offers a unique approach to IC as originally developed by Dr. Matia Brizman and deepened by her partnership with husband Boaz Brizman. Together they are the ICAMA team and the practitioners behind this successful method of treatment. This site includes articles, stories, and research related to IC as well as general health. 


Matia Brizman
M.T.O.M., L.Ac., Ph.D.

Board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Matia Brizman is a doctor of classical Chinese medicine (Ph.D.) Her work is an original system comprised of her own integrative approach between classical Chinese and Western medicine.

This body of work is published in her Ph.D. dissertation, which may be found on Amazon.com. In this work, Dr. Brizman discusses her model for the development and treatment of IC. It is her own unique understanding of how chronic illness develops, but interestingly, she believes this model applies to most chronic health conditions. 

Together with her husband, they each bring their own unique interpretations of Chinese medicine to the modern day clinic and continue to deepen this incredibly valuable body of work. They both feel that this work is built upon the immense depth of Chinese medicine but has been expanded upon with their own understanding of modern health challenges and conditions.

Boaz Brizman
M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

Board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Co-Founder of ICAMA. Partner and husband to Matia Brizman, Boaz brings the combination of his expertise in Chinese medicine and his unique vision to ICAMA.

After working in their clinic together for many years on their own individual areas of chronic illness, Boaz joined his wife in treating IC implementing the system she devleoped in her doctoral work. Over this last decade, his work has illustrated how these methods can be studied, learned and executed, as he has been incredibly successful in helping so many with IC gain back their health. Many of our successful stories are the result of his work. Boaz brought with him his own brilliant body of work with chronic illness. His work has been synonymous with the work of his wife and partner in that he addresses the body as a whole in the treatment of these kinds of conditions. Together, this husband and wife team continue to collaborate in making the ICAMA methods more and more effective with each passing year.  

Currently, they are working on documenting their body of work to pass on to others in hopes of helping people in a larger capacity.