Herbal Protocol

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The herbal protocol is specially designed for each patient. Chinese herbs are used and often combined with Western herbs and/or supplements. The possibilities for these protocols are numerous and vary greatly.

Although there is great similarity from patient to patient, there is not one simple formula or treatment protocol universally used on every patient. Each patient's treatment protocol is determined after the clinical picture is examined.

These protocols are adjusted continuously as the patient improves and progresses through treatment.

The ICAMA protocol encompasses the idea that IC is as different an illness as the individuals suffering from it. Having only one protocol would not address the needs of each patient. Furthermore, because the idea behind health is reinstating homeostasis (perfect balance) to the person who is ill, one formula cannot possibly achieve that goal. The herbal protocol must change as changes occur inside the patient. Only in this way can a patient go through a protocol and not become dependent upon it for continued health. We use a combination of our own formulas as well as other supplements not manufactured by us.

When you are placed on a protocol, the idea behind it will be explained to you, as will each stage that you pass through during the treatment.