Julie, Florida

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Julie, Florida

Summer 2002, I suffered what I thought was a UTI while studying abroad in Europe. I knew something was wrong when I had to pee what seemed like every minute of the day. My bladder also felt like a 50 lb. weight and ached all day long. There was even an instance or two when I lost control of my bladder before finding the bathroom. I felt so ashamed.

When I returned to the states, my gynecologist prescribed Cipro and Ampicillin for the "UTI", but neither antibiotic worked. Later, I saw a urologist who offered to fill my bladder with water and give me a prescription for a drug that would alleviate the constant pressure in my bladder. I finally realized that western medicine did not have a "fix" for my condition. I was devastated.

That evening, I stumbled upon this website, I read Dr. Matia Brizman's philosophy on IC and body imbalance and decided to join the Success and Interstitial Cystitis discussion group to learn more. I took some time to talk to a few members and read as much as I could about the treatment process. I started Matia's diet Thanksgiving weekend of '02. Thanks to this diet, the pain and pressure in my bladder tapered off within one month. Because I was thrilled with the results, I decided to follow through with Matia's herb treatment (I'm a long-distance patient). I have been treating for almost 3 months with Matia. At this point, my frequency has gone from 10-12 times a day to 4-6 times a day and 4-6 times at night to 0-1 times a night. It is truly a miracle.

Though I feel the closest to normal these days, I know I still have a ways to go. I thank God for Matia's dedication to treating patients of IC and the wonderful support I've received on the discussion group. I also thank Jane and Alyson for creating this website.