Karen, Los Angeles

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Karen, Los Angeles

Karen was in really bad shape when she went to Matia. She had pain and urgency. She is not clear on all the dates but she had been diagnosed with IC. She had DMSO treatments for about a year, which made it worse. She also worked with Dr. Fugazzotto on the antibiotic regimen. She took them for 3-4 months and they did not help. She noticed no change after that time.

Karen was a big skeptic about Chinese medicine but went to see Matia after a recommendation from her naturopathic pharmacy. She was in severe pain, and Matia immediately started Karen on the herbs, acupuncture and a special diet, in her case not that strict. 

It took her about a year to see the results. She would seesaw back and forth, which is the nature of the disease. It was a gradual process. The whole time Matia was very reassuring and very knowledgeable in the use of her herbs. She had to constantly adjust them to get the right mix. After two years she was was symptom free and no longer on any kind of maintenance or herbs. This continues two years later.

Matia is really good and always available. Karen would call her at night and on Sundays when she was not feeling well, and she was always responsive. She is totally wonderful.