Lisa the Esthetician

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Lisa the Esthetician

Hi Friends,

I thought I would take a moment to share my amazing success story with all of you who are at the beginning of your journey on the road to recovery. My story begins when I was a child. I remember feeling the burning sensation very young. As young as 5 or 6.I constantly felt pain through my young teens and through High School.  During my senior year I had to leave my friends and attend home school because I was missing too many classes and we needed to find out what was wrong with me. Six months later, I was diagnosed with IC. 
My journey to recovery began in 2004. When I started seeing Matia I was living with pain everyday.  And no joke my pain was CHRONIC, and HIDEOUSLY painful, which lasted hours!!! I peed razor blades.  Sex hurt like a bitch too. That was the real icing on the cake. 
So I met with Matia in 2004 and started taking her magical herbs and began the diet, which was no small feat. I mean, I am a serious chocohollic and love love love sugar. But, the bladder didn't lie and it was obvious that sugar = pain. Harsh. But one must rise above temptation in pursuit of a pain free life.
I began to notice a difference in my pain probably after 6 months or treatment. And the first 6 months were no walk in the park. It was haaaard. But I ALWAYS 130% believed in Matia and her plan. NEVER EVER did I have a doubt! And let me add that I come from a family of Western Medicine: my father, his brother and my moms brother, my uncle, are all pharmacists. So skepticism was always around my corner, but never was I deterred. 
After a year of treatment things really started to improve. I could eat more. I wasn't missing work. I could go pee multiple times at work, instead of holding it in all day in fear of the pain that would come. I could have sex with out being bed ridden for days after. I finally felt normal. 
By the end of my second year of treatment I was simply a new Lisa. Still super funny, but lighter as a person. Stronger and happier, duh.  It was the first time in my life I felt like this and I knew I had to make a change. I broke up with my tool bag boyfriend, and with in 6 months I was living in Barcelona, Spain.
I went to study Spanish for 5 months and ended up living there for a year and a half. I'm not articulate enough to describe how blissfully happy I was. Even in Europe I continued to have appointments with Matia and my herbs were shipped to me but I was taking less and less. By the time I got home I was no longer taking them. I still feel GREAT.
In conclusion, I hope you find this helpful. Sorry for the novel.  
Lisa the Esthetician
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