Lisa, Los Angeles

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Lisa, Los Angeles

Lisa's symptoms started about 20 years ago. They were a little different from the norm. Mainly, she had frequency, urgency, and at the worst point, pressure on the right side of her abdominal/pelvic area. She had gone to doctors, including well known pioneers of IC like Dr. Larrian Gillespie.

Lisa did have a cystoscopy, which ruled out IC, but she had all the typical symptoms. She would have good and bad periods, but she took no medication. Two years prior to seeing Matia the symptoms flared up again. She saw more urologists, one of whom put her on Pyridium. It did not help her. Over time she did go on all the regular medications suggested for IC (except Elmiron), but none of which helped. 

At the end of 1999 she found Matia on the Internet and called her the next day. She went to her during her worst period where she had pressure and frequency. Matia put her on a very strict diet. Within a day the pressure on the right side had gone. She felt normal. She continued taking the herbs for the next 8-9 months. If she indeed did have IC one year later her symptoms were significantly reduced.

Lisa did have relapses, but they were never as bad. She never had the amount of pressure or the duration that she had previously. It has been two years since the end of Lisa's treatment, she is symptom-free, and she has not been taking any herbs or maintenance for this condition during this time period.

Matia is very thorough and very patient and understanding. She is very meticulous in taking down a patient's history. She is compassionate, concerned and very responsive to her patients' needs. Much more so than any traditional doctor that Lisa has seen. Matia is emotionally supportive which helps relieve some of the stress. This is especially good since she believes stress is a big contributor to this disease. 

"Matia makes herself available to her patients when they need help. She tries to explore every avenue of what could be causing the problem. You have to put your trust in Matia, give it time and stick with it. It doesn't happen overnight", says Lisa. Both Matia and she went through it. They made a commitment to continue. Matia helped Lisa tremendously.