Lloyd, Los Angeles

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Lloyd, Los Angeles

I have been a patient of Boma-Med's for many years now for chronic candidiasis. It took me approximately two years of working very hard to get my body back into balance. I felt great for a stretch of time and went about my life.

Suddenly, after having been with a new sexual partner, I started to have what felt like an infection in my urine. Urination was very hot and burning, I could not hold it without a lot of pain, and I was going very frequently. 

I went to my regular doctor and he examined my prostate and my urine. He determined I had enterococcus in my sperm and needed to go on antibiotics. 

Because I have been a patient of Matia's for so long, I thought I should consult with Boma-Med before taking anything. 

I was referred to Matia because this is her area of expertise. After discussing my situation she encouraged me to try taking herbs for the enterococcus because it is such a resistant bacteria and taking antibiotics would likely be necessary for a tremendous amount of time and would probably undo all of the progress I had made with my candidiasis. Because I trusted her judgment, I decided that was probably my best option. I started them right away. It took me the better part of a year, but from the time I started taking them my symptoms got better and better. 

I was tested after I felt no more symptoms at all, and the enterococcus was completely gone. 

I am so happy that I did not have to go on the antibiotics to solve this problem and subject myself to the risks of the side effects that they may cause me. I eat a normal diet and live a normal lifestyle and am now more careful with sexual contact.