Natasha, Los Angeles

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Natasha, Los Angeles

I have seen comments on the boards about wishing that there were more success stories posted. Briefly, here's my story.

After three bladder infections in three months (and no bladder infection the previous 10 years) and after an incredibly painful and scary "process of elimination" I was told - "you have IC." Then, after months with one premier UR "specialist" where I left with a list of 8 drugs to take (4 of which I was told I would take forever) and a bad feeling that I was not on the right path, I chose to try Dr. Fugazawa's program. Then, after three months taking antibiotics (one that I was alergic to) and several steps back, I found Matia.

I started with Matia in January 2005. I had some rough times for about 5 months after that. Then I started to feel a bit more in control when a flare would hit. They would last 2-3 days instead of week. FYI to all of you, my last flare was in June 2005 - six months after I started. I stuck to the program and worked hard.

Sometimes I felt deprived (at restaurants), sometimes I felt like I was making great strides, sometimes I couldn't remember a conversation from the day before (the herbs made me foggy), and other times I felt relief just to have a three day reprieve from the constant raw feeling in my bladder.

As I got into the latter part of 2005, I was becoming used to the "slightly raw feeling" and figured that if this was the best it got, it was SO much better I could live with it. But by October 2006, I couldn't tell you where my bladder was let alone remember the pain that seemed to torment me day and night!

Yes, during the process, it seemed like an endless, painful eternity. The set backs felt like I was taking major steps backward, but I wasn't. Now, it's June 2008! I don't eat tomatoes or oranges. That's it. The rest of my life is non-bladder concious. No flares, no pain, a normal life. Please understand that it may take time, but in retrospect, it was neither a long time nor a difficult time.

Hang in there and communicate.



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