Olivia 2021

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Olivia 2021

If you are reading this, you are likely in a lot of pain, terrified about what the future might hold, and whether you will ever be able to have a normal life…at least that’s how I felt.
My name is Olivia, and everything started for me on the 13th of February 2021, one day before Valentine’s day. I was 24, living in the UK, practising a job that I liked, with great friends, an amazing boyfriend at the time and loving life. Until, everything changed for me one morning.
After the first morning pee, out of the blue, I started suffering from urinary urgency, frequency followed by pelvic pain and very weird urethral shock-like spasms. I had no burning. From my previous experiences with urinary tract infections, I was sure I had one and thus went to my GP who prescribed a first course of antibiotics. I started taking it but it made me worse, so he changed the antibiotic and I was still getting worse. Finally, he gave me a 3rd one and my symptoms settled down to 40% but I still had lingering manifestations of the infections.
After several rounds of urologist and gynaecologist telling me I was fine and many many tears of despair, I landed in a clinic specialised in Chronic embedded urinary tract infection (also referred to as Interstitial Cystitis) where they finally gave the diagnosis. At first, I felt relief because I thought my solution revolved around taking long term high dose antibiotics however it turned out that my body would not tolerate them for more than 1 month as side effects were horrible and started outweighing my never-ending bladder symptoms. They included chronic vaginal thrush, acid reflux, nausea, anal fissures, debilitating fatigue, constipation, and neuropathic manifestations mainly pins and needles on my arms and legs. I was truly horrible; I genuinely thought my life was over.
Desperate, I carried on extensive research and landed on BOMAMED’s website. Initially I was very sceptic because I am a healthcare professional trained to use western medicines and never considered eastern medicines to be effective. But when I turned to Boaz, I made the best decision of my life and never looked back. I dropped the antibiotics for good and left the urology clinic I was treating at because I knew they were not able to help me. I started on Boaz’s protocol with the diet at first then he added the herbs. As I am typing this it has been 3 months, and I am MUCH improved not just with the bladder but other areas of my body including vagina, gut, skin, hair, energy levels, and mood. I am not yet consistently symptom free but I know I will get there. His understanding of this disease and protocol in place is so unique and I truly believe there is no one out there who deals with this disease like they do. Best of all, this protocol gave me NO side effects. The diet is strict but eventually it will open up and I will start adding more food in. This is SUCH A SMALL price to pay next to the horror of IC. In addition, I communicated the knowledge of healthy lifestyle Boaz gave me to my family and friends and they started implementing it as well, seeing how positive the results are.
I am truly hoping you will give Boaz the chance to get you out of this misery, and direct you towards wellness and good health. I am forever grateful to their clinic for everything they do. Thank you will never be enough!!!