Pam, Brunei / U.K.

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Pam, Brunei / U.K.

I have been a long distance patient of Matia's for nearly two years.

Previously I had followed the usual Western medications and theories on IC the reasons for its development and supposed cures. However I knew deep down that the answer lay somewhere else and I began searching the Internet and reading as much as possible about IC. Through this searching I came across an interview Matia had given and her approach to IC. 

Up until this stage in my life I had never really thought much about alternative medicine. In fact I never thought much about medicine at all. I have always been very healthy, a vegetarian for over 20 years and an aerobic instructor. However I had little faith in the medication I was taking and was desperate to get well. So the very next day I made the most important call in my life to Matia.

I was bowled over by her understanding of IC. The way I felt, the fear, the confusion and the isolation. Matia explained the treatment and the diet. She also gave me the address of Jane and Alison's website. 

I was inspired when I read about patients who were symptom free and living life to the full. I was determined to be well. And so I embarked on my treatment with Matia.

I remember one of Matia's first e-mails to me. Her words were "We will do this together". She has been with me every step of the way. Even the times when I would doubt that I could be well again. "Hang in there, it will be alright" these were the words I read and reread. 

It was a long road for me to travel but today I really feel I am there. I have very few days where I even think about my bladder. I am still fairly careful with my diet, but that really isn't a hardship. I eat very healthily and am slowly introducing new foods. This year I have traveled extensively, something I wouldn't have believed possible a few years ago. 

For anyone contemplating treatment as a long-distance patient can I dispel any doubts you may have. I was living in Borneo when I first started treatment with Matia (I have only just returned to the U.K.). Matia and I used to joke I would win the long distance award. 

I hope my story gives hope to those of you who are suffering from this awful disease.

You too can get to where I am today.