Rayanna, New York

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Rayanna, New York

Hi, my name is Rayanna. I am 8 years old and a patient of Matia. My story starts when I was a baby and had a respiratory virus. The doctors gave me Albuteral and Pedipred (a steroid) to help me to breath. Unfortunately those drugs compromise your immune system.

When I was 3 and started to potty train, since my immune system was not working like it should, I was susceptible to UTIs which I started getting every 3-4 months. The doctor ran tests to see if there were any problems that were causing them but there was nothing abnormal so after two years of several infections he put me on a low dose of daily antibiotics. The problem was I now started to get what we thought were infections and vaginal rashes but my labs came up normal. The doctor just decided it was an irritation in my urethra and kept me on the antibiotics.

After two years my parents decided that I had enough antibiotics and took me off. (Around that time my mom found Matia and became a patient because she was having UTI symptoms and no infection). I was alright for about 6 months and then I started having burning in my bladder and the feeling I had to go to the bathroom even when I just went. I was tested many times and no infection.

My mom started having me work with Matia around Thanksgiving (2003). It took a few weeks for me to feel much better but once I did I just kept getting better and better. I am on a fairly strict diet and can't have sugar or treats. The diet is hard, but as my mom keeps telling me it won't be forever. Since the herbs started working I have only had one bout of feeling bad and we feel that was from eating too many things that contain sugar. It's hard being 8 years old and having to say "no" to all the sweet things people put in front of kids. Unfortunately the antibiotics have damaged my bladder and it needs time to heal. My mom sent my urine in to a special lab to be tested and Matia says it's the cleanest lab she's seen come back. You see the antibiotics kill everything good and bad in your system and as a result they also hurt my bladder.

Several good things have happened since my treatment started. My rashes are gone. I also used to complain that my bones ached all the time. My bones feel better too. I eat lots of vegetables and I know when I grow up I will be healthy because I know how important it is to eat right and limit my sweets.

This was a very scary time for my family and I. It's hard to hear the doctor say there is nothing out there to make you feel better but I know there is and her name is Matia. We prayed for someone to help us and she was our answer to prayer. If you have problems like mine, please give Matia a try. She will take good care of you and make you feel better. It will take some time, as I am learning, but I know I have time on my side and one day I will be completely healed.

(Written my Rayanna's Mom, M.J. whose story also appears here.)