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We receive questions all of the time still on the importance of organic foods. When we first started practicing we of course, like everyone else did not understand these concepts to the degree that are understood now. There are so many many articles-this is just a small one I thought I would post.
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This is a long article-but very comprehensive. I really recommend reading.    
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This is from "The Food Babe"- She's great....
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This is a great article which speaks about the use of probiotics and the effects of them on the eyes. I have found this to be true for the last two decades (under the appropriate circumstances of course) and I also use them (in a specific manner) topically in the eye when there is infection with tremendously positive results. I thought this would be a great article to share with everyone:  Dr. M
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I find most of our patients with IC have trouble with weight, but more often than not it is that they are not assimilating their nutrients properly and it is causing weight loss rather than weight gain. There are some patients however with the opposite problem. Working with the Microbiome in our experience is key to re-establishing health and that in turn effects everything including the metabolism.