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Back to the next question. Sorry about the picture. I couldn't resist! I am sure how it is how many of us feel at certain moments!:) Deir's Question:
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As in-I have one! After my little daughter accidentally while sick last week got a little dot of spit in my mouth as she was speaking to me! I knew at that moment I was toast. I was somewhere where I just could go and wash my mouth out. So I said, well, OK, here we go. And I thought I escaped it until boom, it hit me so hard! I have been sick home for two days and asking myself why I am not getting better. Well, I was getting better-mostly. It started with a sore throat of razor blades and fever and throat and lung stuff-that all cleared up quickly.
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Sorry it is taking me so long to get to each question. The picture is my attempt at self amusement which, I try to do each day. My daughter used to call the coyotes which are ever present in my community, lolos when she was little and everytime I see it written, this is what I think of. I love coyotes BTW:) Anyway, here are the questions:
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For anyone who has read my dissertation, they know how much I subscribe the the micro world within us effecting our entire physiology. The forefather's of Chinese medicine each had their own schools of thought and took their place in the history of Chinese medicine. I am not looking for a place in the books and I am certainly not comparing myself to any of those great masters, but, I do have my niche and the cross between  the human microbiome and Chinese medicine is it. 
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Hello all, I am a patient of Matia’s now for the past 5 years (with some breaks due to pregnancies) and I always said to myself when I get better I will write about my success. When I was really going through some rough patches I would be on the blog all the time looking for patients who had words of encouragement. I am hoping to give that to you with this letter.
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Question posed by Althea: I'd be intersted to learn