It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. -Hippocrates

If You Have Found ICAMA have landed on a website rich with support and information on alternatives or
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If you are looking for those kinds of options, this means
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I think the most significant difference between this site and other sites is that we offer

What Is A Good Idea And, When

Oh, I have had a couple people get into some deep trouble over the last month. One is coming out of it after several weeks and the other is deep in it now. Why? Because they decided to take some supplements that someone advised them to take.

VERY COOL technology

Tests can create so much anxiety and worse, concerns over the ill effects of whichever techonolgy is being used. This just came accross our desks. It look incredible. I have not listened to everything quite yet, not sure aobut any down sides, but, how incredbile the technology! I want to read on this further, as I am certain many of you will. It is pretty amazing!

Dr.M & B.

What You can Learn From A Child

Often I think we dismiss what children might say because we might think it is incorrect or irrelevant. 

My ten year old who is always googling EVERYTHING said to me this morning, "mommy, agave oil helps condition your hair". I said, no, you mean argan oil.  She said, " no mommy agave oil." So, I asked her to show me what she was speaking about.


We don't go into the forum, but this am I could not help but notice the topic of late. Although I am not clicking in, I just need to say, NOOOOO, rice bran is NOT OK. Bran in general is NOT OK. It will cause huge amounts of pain because it agitates the intestines.

Much later in treament you could have some bran in a muffin etc...without feeling it's ill effects, but, while getting the inflammation down-not a good idea.


Dr. M & B

Are You Re-doing Your House?

If you are painting, or putting in new floors, or carpet, redoing your kitchen cabinets, or building a new house....


Before you do any of these things, consider what materials you are using. Just as you are learning the importance of being careful with the ingredients you are putting inside your body, it is equally important to think about what materials you are surrounding your body with environmentally. for those of you who think it does not make a difference, I can assure you, it makes a huge difference.

Push or Change?

Someone asked me this week to post on when to push through a protocol and when to ask me for a change.

This is a tough question because obviously I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable physically. However, sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable on the road to wellness is an important step.

Diet Protocol

A lot came up today about diet protocol. And, I realize this is a heated subject because people have a lot of strong feelings about diet, including me of course. However, if you are trying to do this protocol then it is probably very good to try and eat within the guidelines of what we are suggesting you do. If you want to be stricter that's great-or, is it? Sometimes it isn't actually.


I changed popcorn to list 5. Really popcorn should be consumes delicately especially for those whoa re newly well. It can agitate the intestines because it is so fibrous and make symptoms come back. So, watch that-not too soon and not too much when it is OK.


Dr.M & B


This is another practitioner's experience on soy, thought it was interesting.


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