It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. -Hippocrates

If You Have Found ICAMA have landed on a website rich with support and information on alternatives or
adjunctive treatments to the standard methods of treatment that exist today.

If you are looking for those kinds of options, this means
that you feel that those standard treatments have not worked for you or that you are
looking for something to work in place of or in conjunction with your present treatment

I think the most significant difference between this site and other sites is that we offer

At Risk Of Redundancy, but...

endlessly important information from the various points of view this information is being researched. Here is yet another wonderful article regarding the human microbiome:

Dr.M & B

Eating Organic

When we first started doing this work, the conciousness of organic was not what it is today. This work has evolved as the days have turned into years and and now a decade and a half has passed- and alot has changed.

Vaccines and...

As various medications are so correlated with contributing to IC, vaccines certainly could be among them. While I have not had cases where I think vaccines were the sole culprit, we have found vaccines to exacerbate symptoms tremendously.

Cleaning Products

As we are all trying to avoid unneccessary and toxic chemicals, I think trying to keep improving

is so important. Someone just sent this to me--a new cleaning syste, which uses NO chemicals. It looks amazing, and I am going to buy it.

Take a look:


Dr.M & B


New ICAMA Site

We wanted to express our happiness over seeing such wonderful input and activity in this last week. It has been petty incredible for ICAMA to be revived. Thanks to all who have participated and contributed to giving it back its life force.

Behind the scenes, we are busy building the new ICAMA site. It is going to have all of the functions that everyone wants, making it easier to share all of the things that people enjoy sharing.

It should be up by the end of the month at the latest. We are working very hard.


M & B



What do you put in your salad?

It occured to me yesterday speaking to someone that when someone says they are eating a salad-that could be a lot of different things for each individual. IN fact, I was out to dinner last night and the waiter tried to have my daughter swap her spinach for another "salad" which consisted of eggplant tomatoes and cheese. Hmmmm....I don't think so! I said, "thank you, but, I think she will have the spinach".


While some cravings are good ones because your body is telling you what it needs--such as protein, green veggies, etc.. 

If you find your body keeps sending you to that frozen yoghurt shop or the chocloate section of the grocery store, or you can't resist the impulse the have some pankcakes and syrup before bed....hmmmm, that might make you pause to wonder why.

Gut Microbiome

This just in from a patient this am. What an amazing article about the ecosystem inside of us. I know we have posted on this subject in a seemingly redundant manner, but, there is never enough said about it as there are endless points to hit on.


Someone sent this to me this morning. It is pretty neat, so I wanted you to see it. It is about the sun and aging. I am guilty of not using sunscreen very much and I am really bad about putting it on my children.

When I was little my mother used to slather zinc oxide all over my face because she was obsessed about sun damage. Crazy considering she grew up in an age where it was "in" to get completely brown. But, that woman died without wrinkles in her 80's.


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