It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. -Hippocrates

If You Have Found ICAMA have landed on a website rich with support and information on alternatives or
adjunctive treatments to the standard methods of treatment that exist today.

If you are looking for those kinds of options, this means
that you feel that those standard treatments have not worked for you or that you are
looking for something to work in place of or in conjunction with your present treatment

I think the most significant difference between this site and other sites is that we offer

Future Generations

Will hoepfully be much wiser than we have been and not use toxic chemicals in our food supply. It is disgusting that anyone has done this in the first place but more so that these practices are continued in the aftermath of etablsihing the connection with cancer.

Pregnancy, Giving Birth and IC

This last year seems like it has been a been a whirl wind of pregnancies and now births. This is the second best part of this work-the first being when a person is able to get their lives back in order and re-find themselves and move on with all of the things they want to do. When someone tells me they can dreturn to their job, or just do their job so much better, or that they can resume a normal intimate life again with their spouse, or go back to exercising-those are all huge victories.

Life Dreams

When a person falls ill, their life path becomes disrupted and one must change from following the road of dreams to finding the path to survival.

Someone sent me something that made me think of this. And, in speaking to many of you, it is interesting to hear all of your hopes, talents, dreams....

I wanted to open this post as an invitation to perhaps comment on what changed for you--what were you doing that you are not now, and have you yet been able to return to it? Maybe yes, maybe even in a way that is a more profound version of what would have been before?

Some Pretty Crazy Stuff

Run From Raw, BUT.. Drink This!

You have to laugh sometimes, or you might cry. It is incredible really how our system works:



After Treatment

All of you know how hard you are working to regain your healthy balance and get back to life--ordering more normally in a restaurant, not needing to worry about every minute ingredient in a meal served at a friends house, etc...

Measles Outbreak Information

Brands of Supplements

I wanted to say that the brands of the supplements we recommend are very important and substituting one brand for another often will change the results. It is not always one for one.

Over the years observing which brands work best for different purposes has been a big part of  our clinical experience. 

Sometimes in some cases making a substitution to hold you over while you are waiting for the correct supplement to arrive is OK, but, please always check.



One day when I am not here anymore people might remember me saying "for every research point there is another one that discounts it".

I kind of hope I leave behind non work related things and that point certainly isnt a big one. But, I do say it more often than not.

For all of those anti-Agave articles about how bad it is for your blood sugar, here is one for the team:



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