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Opening the blog today welcoming thoughts from anyone who would like to share. Dr. M
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I have posted an endless number of posts on water. I try hard to not be redundant. This post in interesting because over the years I have repeated the importance of bottled water (as much as I am not for it environmentally (although glass is great for both you and the environment).  Many over the years ask me-I have well water-so I can drink that right? Well, I always say, no, I dont think so. I dont think it is a good idea. I have many pieces of information about water-but the one piece that is for sure is that bottled over tpa or well is 100% critical to getting well. 
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This patient just sent this after quite a few years away-very sweet she took a moment to write!    Hello,  I wanted to take a minute to say hello to all the patients of Dr. Matia Brizman who  are currently in the struggles of interstitial cystitis.   Years ago I was in the same  boat as many of you.   I was experiencing the burning urethra, bladder urgency, and  vaginal irritation – chronically -  as I’m sure many of you are experiencing.   I tried  everything that we knew to try medically speaking.  I did diets, instillations, 
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OK this is my second attempt at this post. I will be dating each of my titles as if I forget I used a title before, it then merges the new one with the old one and messes up the posts. 
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The subject of fear came up this week and it brought many things to my mind. The reason it came up is that someone asked me if they should get a particular procedure to rule out cancer. It isn't that there are any overt signs of cancer, it's just that every time this person gets a symptoms she thinks she has cancer. I know, many of us can relate. This is not abnormal for most of us who worry about our health-espeically given all of the things that most of us have been through to get where we are today.
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Integrative Approach and Classical Chinese Medicine: San Jiao Energetics According to the Nan Jing, the San Jiao is said to be the root of life. The primary meridians begin there. (Yuen, 2002). The following has been passed on by Yuen (2002; 2003), and correlated with the text herein by this author.