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Both Chinese and Western medicine have been challenged in the treatment of IC, providing an understanding of the integration of the two philosophies to achieve a more effective system of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment may lead to more cases of the restoration of good health.

The ICAMA provides hope by offering an alternative outlook and approach to IC and the many chronic conditions that often accompany it. This approach is not for the purpose of providing a simple remedy to produce a cure but, rather, to guide the person from point A (chronic illness) to point Z (restored, balanced health) through the use of integrated medicine. This is a process, not a product. Weat the ICAMA are here to guide and teach, as well as treat.

By combining the centuries old methodology of Chinese medicine with the modern technological advantages of Western medicine and remaining open to the possibilities provided by this union, IC may be treated without limitation, resulting in the restoration of good health.The ICAMA was created with the vision of forming an association solely dedicated to extending hope and help through the use of alternative and integrative medical approaches to those suffering from IC.

The ICAMA offers unique insight and information regarding natural approaches to the treatment of IC currently being used by Matia Brizman with great success. This site includes articles, stories, and research related to IC, as well as products that were developed with IC patients specifically in mind.

At this site you will also learn about the Integrative Approach to Interstitial Cystitis (IAIC). In IC there are many factors that often occur simultaneously and overlap one another, presenting themselves in complex patterns. These form the entire clinical picture of the disease and not one small aspect of it. These patterns will change as the patient continues to either improve or regress depending on how the patient is treated or how he or she manages his life.

If a natural approach to health is pursued by dealing with the underlying mechanisms and not masking the symptoms, the clinical picture of the patient will change and the treatment will need to be adjusted as the symptoms of IC are eliminated and wellness commences. Furthermore, the IAIC is built upon the premise that the condition must be viewed from the standpoint of the whole body being involved in the process of creating illness. This assists us in understanding that multiple factors may be occurring simultaneously and may be inter-related and involved. IC is a complex illness comprised of both "Excesses" and "Deficiencies." These Excesses and Deficiencies may be explained through both Western medicine and Chinese medicine and understanding them from both viewpoints is critical.

Matia Brizman
M.T.O.M., L.Ac., Ph.D.

Board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Matia Brizman is a doctor of classical Chinese medicine practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Los Angeles who treats patients both in Greater Los Angeles, as well as in various parts of the United States and abroad. Her work is an original system comprised of her own integrative approach between classical Chinese and Western medicine.

This body of work will be published in her Ph.D. dissertation (newly completed in spring 2007) on the subject of the integrated treatment of IC. In this work, she is endeavoring to form a bridge of understanding between Western and Eastern medical disciplines and to incorporate her ideas into a format that will help others treat the disease.

She intends to continue treating in her private practice, but hopes to expand her work by teaching her philosophy on and treatment of this disease. Her hope is to reach more people.

Boaz Brizman
M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

Board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Co-Founder and administrator for ICAMA association development. Partner and husband to Matia Brizman, Boaz brings the combination of his expertise in Chinese medicine and his unique vision to ICAMA.

Boaz has achieved a brilliant body of work by restoring health to both adults and children with many various types of immune function disorders. His work with chronic illness over the last two decades has been synonymous with the work of his wife and partner in that he addresses the body as a whole in the treatment of these kinds of conditions. Over the last two years, Boaz has joined Matia in doing her work with IC and vulvadynia as a first and very powerful step in broadening ICAMA. Since Boaz has joined in the work of the ICAMA, his expertise has has added an invaluable body of his expertise to this the ICAMA team. 

Ultimately, it is their intention to deepen this body of knowledge and spread it throughout the world bringing more awareness from their perspective to this condition. This awareness will be focused on both prevention, diagnosis and treatment.