Posted by drbrizman on March 16, 2018 at 10:40pm
If you are not already aware of it, please check out FB ICAMA. It's been there for a couple of years, but I am uncertain of the general awareness. I posted a pic yesterday that is quite striking. Here is the story behind it:   
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Just in case anyone has questions to share this week..... Dr.M & B  
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In my dissertation, I discuss the concept of lowgrade microbial translocation into the lymphatic system and then into the organs. In this study, that just came to me this morning, they discuss the migration of a particular bacteria into the liver causing an auto-immune response, specifically in Lupus patients. They further discuss a vaccine to stop this. This is an intersting article. According to my work, I feel that it is much more than one bacterium, but this work is very much what I have been saying since I published my dissertation in 2006.
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Another week past-Would love to know what's on your mind (s)? Dr.M & Boaz  
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I recieved this from a patient who worked with me and is now enjoying her life with her family and continuing her journey of health. She coincidentally shared this book with me and since we were speaking about book reviews, I asked her If I could share the email removing names. I am well aware of the research she is referring to here. I have always stood by this and think it is so completely fascinating. Here it is :) "Dear Dr. Matia,
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Well, we had an awful lot of views and reads this past week, but, no real commentary. I would love to invite questions or thoughts should any of you have something to share. I also get many people suggesting books lately. I love this. I would really love it even more if with any suggestion, a couple paragraphs could be written to share about the book and I could post it. I read every day constantly, but, of course, its hard to keep up with every book and every video. If you have something you felt is relevant to this, please share.