UTI test strip: No Nitrates but Leukocytes ?

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UTI test strip: No Nitrates but Leukocytes ?

Hi All
Counting the minutes till I hear back from Dr. B. Trying to be patient but in lots of pain. My home UTI kit said that my urine was negative for nitrates, but positive for Leukocytes. From what I have read, Leukocytes only mean the body is fighting off something (inflammation is present) but that the nitrates would mean postiive for UTI. The AZO test kit says postitive leukocytes may mean UTI. ??
I will go to the doc tomorrow for test, but wondering if anyone did home UTI and it came out postive for Leuk but neg. for nitrates. I am just not having my normal IC symtoms, but maybe this is just a flare? Ugh. Thanks.

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I feel for you Mimi!  I've had this happen before too.  The leukocytes are just white blood cells and Matia has told me that people with IC almost always test positive for those.  One time when this happened to me she had me take bifido out, and the other time she had me add more!  It's so tricky to know what to do.  I've always found that soaking in a bath helps.  I hope your pain starts to subside soon!  On the upside, every time I've had a UTI-like flair, once it passes I make a huge leap in symptom progress.  I hope this is a major healing crisis/cleansing time for you.  You'll get through this and it'll hopefully be for the better that it's happening, you're so strong and supportive to everyone on here and I KNOW that we're all thinking of you and sending you good vibes. 

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Blah! What a pain. This is one of the most annoying parts of IC. You never know when it's a real UTI or just all of those lovely UTI symptoms we can walk around with on a daily basis.
I have to say, even the times when I thought I was sure I had an infection, I drank a TON of water to stave it off and my symptoms drastically improved each time. This was at a point in time where I had already taken so many rounds of antibiotics for what drs thought were vaginal infections/UTIs (some tested some didnt) that I felt like more antibiotics wasn't an option... so I turned to water and PRAYED.
It works. DRINK GIRL!
And don't be sorry for posting your truth, that's what this forum is for.
Love and healing healing healing,

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Mimi, I'm sorry to hear that you're in so much pain.  Are you feeling better today?


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Hi Mimi,
No nitrates does not always mean no uti, especially Enterococcus is not making nitrates. Only culture testing can tell if a bacteria is present.
Hope you feel better soon.


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I had a freak out last week and all the tests said leukocytes but no nitrates . This is typical of IC. Did a urine test to be sure and it was negative. Don't freak out , but testing is always a good way to reassure yourself. Also, it does take a couple of days for your body to adjust I think ..my flare was about a week and a half until my body adjusted to a different protocol to help it. You'll be out of this faster Im sure 
much love

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Hey Mimi,
I have had a UTI that was positive for Leuk but negative for nitrates - kind of why I hate these strips.  I hope you get answers and help today.


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Thanks so much everyone. I have nothing much to say except that yesterday was pure hell. This morning things are a tiny bit calmer, maybe?? But I am scared because things got worse as the day went on yesterday. We changed my protocol this morning so fingers crossed. 
Thanks so much! Thoughts and prayers are so much appreciated. You guys are awesome. No one else remotely understands this.

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