Another Recovery Story

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I didn’t see it coming, I was totally unaware of how what I ate could lead to disease. I had a high sugar diet all my life. There were some early signs; acne in my teens, for which I started taking the pill, and a diagnosis of PCOS. Once I came off the pill in my late 20s and started to take a multivitamin to help get my body in the best shape in preparation for a pregnancy, things started to go wrong. Within the space of about six months things started to unravel. Bloating, abdominal pain, a colonoscopy, an allergic reaction to an antibiotic for a misdiagnosed bowel infection, a miscarriage and a laparoscopy to find out what was going on. I woke up from that laparoscopy feeling really unwell. Vaginal burning, itching, a constant full bladder feeling, urgency, frequency. Within a few weeks, this was in 2010, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.
Urologists told me I would have this chronic disease for life.
I was prescribed medication for IC that had the potential to damage my liver, so decided not to take it. I searched and searched for a practitioner who could help me get better naturally. I flew to London, and worked with a herbalist for a year. I made a bit of progress.

Then I found out about Dr. Matia Brizman.
My husband and me flew to LA, and after that initial visit I started monthly phone consults. Slowly my health improved. I learned how my intestinal health was really poor and how that made my body sick. Slowly we rebuilt. Feeling a bit better every month, with the occasional set back. It took 3 years for me to get well and be completely symptom free. I had a baby daughter and two and a half years later another baby daughter. Literally dreams coming true. I am forever grateful for finding Dr. Brizman and how her natural treatment and guidance got me better.