Anxiety and IC

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Anxiety is probably the #2 issue that I deal with in treating this condition of IC. Second, to the bladder itself. If many of you have read my dissertation then you can certainly understand many of the reasons why this happens. In addition, it happens because there is a common message of no hope! To make matters worse, what others may express as their experience may bring anxiety to someone else unintentionally. I am posting today to  first say, that I cannot discuss any of you with others of you, no way, never! And secondly to remind everyone, that, seriously, we are all so very different.


Western medicine wants to diagnose and categorize a person by disease. When it comes to chronic conditons such as interstitial cystitis, that rule just does not apply. Not in diagnosis, prognosis, or anything in between. I have treated so many people over more than a decade and most people do fantasically well. Of course, like any kind of therapy, there will be those who not do well or don't see this process to its fruition. This happens for a variety of reasons. Others do very well, but may want to go another route for again, any one of a number of reasons. In looking back on all of my years of treating this disease, I feel like I have seen pretty much every possibility, and yet, every new day brings something I have not seen before. I learn from each and every one of you and try to turn my new experiences into knowledge and improvement upon my protocols.

Please, all of you, patients, and non-patients, continue to share all of your experiences, empathy, questions, and so forth, but remember--WE ARE AS DIFFERENT AS OUR INDIVIDUALITY! DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS, AND DO NOT THINK THAT WHAT HAPPENS TO ONE PERSON IN ANY KIND OF TREATMENT IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU!

Choose your path and take it, notice all of the things that come your way along it. Share those things with the person walking close by, but don't assume that they see what you see or that it evokes the same emotions inside thier hearts as it does yours.

Life is a series of subjectivity. Be you!



Kriste's picture

I am really glad that you did post this Matia because I was feeling a little anxious in reading some of the posts this week. Kriste

drbrizman's picture

I am very glad it helped! It is true!!!!