Book Review on a Popular subject

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I recieved this from a patient who worked with me and is now enjoying her life with her family and continuing her journey of health. She coincidentally shared this book with me and since we were speaking about book reviews, I asked her If I could share the email removing names. I am well aware of the research she is referring to here. I have always stood by this and think it is so completely fascinating. Here it is :)

"Dear Dr. Matia,

I hope you are keeping well. All is good with me and my family. A-- is almost four and F-- almost a year and a half. My health is good and I go through stages of cutting out all ‘treats’ and stages of including some sweet things and then reigning in again. 
Recently a book written by two professors from the ‘local’ Cork university called ‘the psychobiotic revolution’ was published. It is a brilliant book! Findings based on their research with mice and other studies, on how our microbiome works and how we can influence it (all the things you taught me).
But also many findings on how our microbiome can influence our mental health. 
I think you would love it!!
I still often think of my journey to recovery from IC, in which you played a huge part.
Thank you xxx


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I just got done reading a small blurb about this book.  It mentioned that the book gave info on what you can do to improve your gut.  I'm thinking that you're not recommending trying what may or may not be suggested, but advocating the concept of how the gut can so affect mood? Is this something that those of us who struggle mentally, should be working with you to take a closer look at, or is your treatment, with individual patients, addressing that? Thanks, Denise


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Great question! I have not read the book. I am only familiar with the concepts and many studies that have taken place on this subject over the years. It has continued to fascinate me and I believe I posted a few over the past five years on this subject. Because I have not read the book, I have no idea what they are suggesting. The idea is what I think is relevant and interesting. And, I should say, it goes both ways-microbial overgrowth can cause issues and depletion of microbes may also cause issues. Furthermore an unhealthy microsystem of just "the wrong combination of microbes can cause issues. These are things that we work on with this treatment yes. I am not suggesting that its the icama way or the highway, but rather we are doing this work and "YAY someone else is too!" it sounds like. I would like to read this as I do most things to see what I may glean from it. It's on my list. Dr.M