Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine?

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NO! It is not contradictory, however, we do practice from different points of view. This article came accross my desk yesterday and I find it so fascinating as the results of this test back up a lot of what we do here with our patients. However, we came to the conclusions of doing them within the paradigm of CM medicine not WM. I LOVE it when this happens! This is a great read!!



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Dear Dr. Brizman,

I'm sitting here with the full realization that for the most part I haven't the foggiest idea what this article means.  There was a time in my life where I would feel shame of my ignorance - now I'm just kind of chuckling about it.  Instead I'm going to go outside, finish building my 12 x 16 gazebo, plant my roses, feed my chickens, play a few rounds of cards with a friend of 30 years, and realize that while I'll be forever grateful that you have the education and interest to decipher all of this, you lost me at the first sentence, and feel such relief that I'm ok with that - a place that I've worked hard at arriving at..... : )   Fondly, Denise



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I have to agree with the above.  I'd like to understand what this article is about.  Maybe you could summarize it for us?