Citric Acid

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First of all, since I have not said it as of yet, Happy New Year! I hope this will be a year filled with health and happiness for all, especially those who have worked so hard to acheive it and have felt let down by "life". Although I search everyday for the answers to why some have journies that seem so effortless while others seem to struggle on end, I continue to lack the answers to those questions. 

I once again find myself apologizing for my lack of posting. This is not due to disinterest, but rather, always feeling a lack of time to take the luxury to write because of the enormoius number of hours I spend outside patient appointment times in simply being present for those who need me for additional support in their journey towards health. I have always felt this deep obligation to "show up" for everyone who needs me inside and outside office hours. The problem is, there are not enough hours in the day, especially in this time of fast paced social media communication that I just cannot seem to keep up with. I have many aspirations and desires to comunicate the knowledge that I have accumulated over these years and spend most of my days thinking about how to do this in an efficent, cost effetive, and humble way. So many things pass by my emails and my mind that I want to say to each of you each day and I let another day go by without posting. This one has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now and due to it rather straight forward nature, I thought it would be a simple way to start the day.

I realize that many thing I recommend dietarily are often things that others perhaps do not participate it, while some things are of popular belief. Perhaps this one is in the middle? In any case, I stand corrected for sure. I had zero idea about the following article and feel really bad that I was unaware for so long. I have always said that citric acid is fine-I said it is used as a preservative. Well, It seems that is not always true, and more often is not. Citirc acid is used to enhance flavor, contains GMOs, and worst of all, is derived from.... BLACK MOLD! I had NO idea! So, please read the following article and google more articles on this subject. There are many. If some of your favorite products contain citric acid, maybe call the company and ask what their source is or look for the non GMO project label on the product itself, that MAY be a positive indication, although, I am yet not well versed on this subject.

I continue to have requests to reopen the forum and of course said that I was planning on this, but like everything else, have not managed yet to do so in a manner in which allows for the dissemination of clear, concise, open, and completely HONEST and respectful communication. It is also on my agenda for the very near future and please understand that it is because I care more than anything about this work and the people who have and need to benefit from it, I have taken the measures I have and not the opposite.

Again, Happy New Year, Dr.M