Constipation 911!

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Constipation has been a huge topic for a lot of people this week. And, when I say huge,
I mean the BMs ARENT! So, this is a big problem. If we are not pooping every day
AT LEAST once per day, we can't be healthy, and certainly, this process is compromised.
There are numerous reasons for being constipated, and, those issues need to be worked
out individually. But, in the long run the health should improve to the degree that
the BMS should be rolling by themselves and not dependent upon control. One of my
patients gave me this recipe a while back, and I thought I would bring it back to life
and hope it may help some of you having a hard time.

i use one bunch of celery, 1/2 a green cabbage and 3-6 broccoli (i use
the stems and heads - this is important) - this makes A LOT so i
freeze most of it.  if she just wants to try it out she should cut it
in 1/2 or 1/4. also - for this much i use 1-3 potatos depending on
what i feel like and 1/2 - 1 onion based on the same.

it's simple - just broccoli, celery and green cabbage.  depending on
her taste she can either sautee some onions and/or garlic and then the
veggis, add water, cook till soft and then blend or
just cook w/o sauteeing and then blend.  
for a creamier consistency (but perhaps not as poop friendly?) she can
add a few potatos.
really she can do this with any high fiber veggis she enjoys. 
also, i add olive oil and salt after i cook but they can be added during prep.

i must say, eatting spinach has really helped me. i find having a
salad or two (and i mean a BIG salad or two) a day with mixed greens,
spinach, celery, cucumber, broccoli and some turkey, chicken, fish or
hard boiled egg (and a bit of boiled potato or spelt croutons if all
is moving well) really really helps.


icnot4me's picture

ok, the reason I haven't tried this yet is b/c it sounds like the base is just water?  I can't have spices yet and I'm thinking, eek!  I drink the water my brocoli is cooked in and that is difficult, but a  whole soup just vegies + water?  i dont' know. . .

drbrizman's picture

You could add in some salt. The veggies plus the salt should be very tasty! 

janejones's picture

icnotforme, I really like this soup, it tastes very wholesome. I'm not adding salt yet or using onions but for those that can (me in the future included) it will be yummy.  Honestly, it doesn't taste of vegetable water!