Dream Of Being Well

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I had a patient this week, who will remain anonymous of course, that was recounting her symptoms over the past month. Her symptoms were numerous and uncomfortable and included nausea, itching, sore throat, dizziness, exhaustion and bloating and gaseousness. But, interestly, during this period, her bladder felt fine. Even more interesting than this is that she had a dream. Her dream was surrounding th events of her recovery. It was elaborate and quite detailed, and synonymous with what was actually going on in her body! The next day, all of those other symptoms were better. For three days she felt super until they then came back, but, I think, to a leasser degree. This is so outstanding. The body mind connection is such a two way street. I find it fascinating when someone is experiencing the connectedness between the two in such an illustrative way. This is a great case of a new patient on the right path to finding her way to being healthy and well balanced.


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I think dreams are really interesting. I dream a lot and in my dreams I have no bladder problems. In the dreams I don't think "Great, I don't have a bladder problem", it just doesn't crop up as an issue at all.  Could be a sign of recovery or could be a sign that my subconscious is avoiding facing the problem. Do others have IC probs in their dreams?

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I think dreams and subconcious thought are really telling. A lot of people have tremendous experiences, both difficult and wonderful. People even have bad dreams early in treatment. I think this is a purging of sorts. It is truly interesting to compare the psyche with progress. Usually there is some kind of mirror imaging going on.