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An email from a patient

Patient: He (husband who is also our patient) now has this really acute gum infection and in past has not responded well to antibiotics. The dentist cleaned some of it up and put some antibiotics in but she wants him to take some more orally. Are there some Chinese herbs you could recommend that are good for these kind of really bad gum infections. Last time many years ago you gave us some herbal recommendations when he had puss on another gum area and it really helped. He was able to avoid taking antibiotics. She recommends surgery down the line and says it has to do with a structural cavity and there is a lot of bone loss, so he will need bone grafting. This is something down the line though. Can you recommend some herbs to get this infection under control instead of the antibiotics

My Reply: Best herbs for gum infections: ear gml and goldenseal or ear 49 and goldenseal-do you have any of those? (patient does not have them) Try taking 2 goldenseal four times per day and see if that works.
You can also blend in 10 drops oil of oregano with it. That may be strong enough.

Patient: Do you think you might be able to find an alternative and create a plan to avoid surgery? The dentist says he needs to do a surgery that Might … work and says the hole is so deep her pocket instrument got lost in it; all the way down. She says there is so much bone loss he will need bone grafting. Thanks Matia his lymph node infection improved 50% and today he did not have to take any pain relievers today. Hopefully it keeps improving….

My Reply: It MAY be that this approach lets his body heals. I would give it a few weeks to see, also gargle with the goldenseal too

Patient: OK , but the bone loss too?

My Reply:The body can do amazing things when given the chance. Let’s see what happens and check on his progress.

Patient: I wished I could have remembered on my own how to treat ___ with the herbs and how you taught me to use them in different situations. Thank you for helping us dodge this bullet. He says today his gums and his lymph node are 90% better!

Thanks so much

XX ______

My Reply: Aww so coool!!!!!! Yay!!!

Would you mind posting something on our YouTube channel comments to that effect
You can start an account to make yourself anonymous if you prefer.
Just that he was told to get surgery abx, etc….
And something simple turned it completely around. People need to be aware.

Patient: Yes of course! I have so many more examples when you SAVED us. I need to think back and make a list. Aside from my IC there were some really bad cases of food poisoning, bronchitis, asthma attacks. It’s hard to remember…..

It would be my pleasure

My Reply: Thank you thank you!!! No enough people take the time to write in and we need all the stories because people have little faith or hope and worse are loaded with despair. Stories help!!

Patient: Honestly, I believe the part of your magic is the encouragement and hope that you do give us. It really is a holistic approach. You can’t separate the body and the mind. I know there is science behind your treatments but we also know that studies have been done on the power of the mind. So few practitioners do what you do. You don’t bullshit your patients but you do say such powerful and encouraging words. Just reading that last e-mail , reminding how powerful the body is to heal itself really lifted me up.

You are very special :)

My Reply: Wow ____
These are super meaningful, touching and welcomed words at a time when I really need them. Thank you!!!


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I love working with you! These are always good things to hear and learn from - thanks

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Aww, thank you!!!! xoxoxo

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Jeannie Burden

My daughter had her wisdom teeth out this month and took amoxicillin as her dentist insisted. When we went back she had an infection and he insisted on another higher end antibiotic. Matia felt gml, goldenseal , 49 and liquid goldenseal would work , it did ! Thanks !