The Key of C

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Did you know that our body tissues vibrate to the key of C? Interesting. I did know this and I know that music is used for healing and has been as far back as the Egyptians (a documentary disccuses this regarding the pyrimids-fascinating!) But what is really incredible is today I exerieced it first hand. I am sorry for those of you that I had to cancel today but I was in excruciating pain from an accident two nights ago. I could barely walk and even getting into a position to sit or lay down seemed impossible. I went for X-rays and nothing is broken. I went to an Osteopath-the only doctor I could think of that I trust for this locally. He used a percussion tool, tuned to the key of C along my injury and goodness, I felt relief instantly! This was such a learning lesson for me on so many levels. I am still, in a lot of pain, but, between acupuncture, Zhen Gu Shui, the result of this fascinating treatment today and the knowledge I am not broken, I trust I will get better now. I just had to share because things like this are really incredible.

I first became aware of music and the body when a vet saved my dog's life from a heart attack some 24 years ago. Since then I have always had it in the back of my mind, but more and more I realize the healing power of frequency and music. I cannot think of the documentary on the Egyptian pyrimids, but I will try to find it-it was on this subject and so incredible that they knew then what alternative docs are only coming to understand in this century about healing and frequency. I think this is the kind of thing that really speaks to me-the simplicity, which, is what Chinese medicine is made of.



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Sorry you are a bit "broken" Get better soon - I'm going to look into music in the Key of C - do you have any recommendations?


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You can look up itunes music for health. They have tones that correspond to each organ. I have seen several there.

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