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I have had strong feelings about the use of marijuana over the years, but became opened to it about 1 1/2 years ago when a few friends who are in the industry kept insisting how useful it was. I met just after that a doctor who specializes in the use of marijuana and chronic illness in Los Angeles, Dr. Frankel. He works with doctors in Israel and his body of knowledge is vast. We discussed the fact that patients with chronic illness often cannot detoxify their bodies and he explained that there is much research that supports marijuana assisting in the repair of these flawed physiological processes.

After I met Dr. Frankel, we sent a few patients to him that we were having difficulty with in certain areas of treatment. These cases did not respond in the way we would have hoped. However, we remain open and yet also stand by the cautious approach that we have with this plant. The past many days, I have been dealing with a patient who took a piece of CBD candy and has been sufferring horribly with nausea and severe vertigo every since. She has gone to the hospital and still not been helped except for a bit by herbs I have given to help, but even so, she is struggling right now. This has just happened, so we are hoping it will clear up in a few more days, we will see. But I thought it was important to post on as often we think of certain things as benign and they are not always.

She found this link last night, I thought it may be interesting to read:



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A few years ago I was perscribed Marijuanna for anxiety.  For myself, it really made me a bit paranoid.  It should also be added that, over time, my bladder was not a happy camper.  Pot is legal in this state, and I will occasionally use it - actually less and less over time-as my body just doesn't seem to handle it well.

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I know it is said to heklp so many. My friend who is also a manufacturer says he needs it to just keep his body stable. I am not judging anyone's use of it, on the contrary I am open to it. However, that said, what I have observed is that those who have suffered or do suffer with chronic unwellness may have a physiological vulnerability owing to the inability to detoxify efficiently and therefor may not be able to handle it as others may. I only wanted to bring this to the attention of everyone and warn that sometimes things can happen that endure longer than the few hours after consuming it.