More Than The Bladder

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Generally speaking by the time IC has hit, it was brewing in the body for many many years. A big part of becoming well, is rethinking all of the things we have done to make us UN-well, and with technology changing at the speed of light, it's hard to keep up with everything we have to protect ourselves against. However, I choose to not live afraid of everything and thinking about the many fear provoking issues I could. I concentrate on the things in my immediate surroundings and try to do my best to have a vclean body and clean immediate environment. A long time ago I found a company named Pong who came out with the first radiation covers for cell phones. That was very forward thinking at the time, because I think everyone else was focused on the phone itself instead of what issues may arise from it. My family and I have had those covers for years but recently found a new one by a company called RadiArmour. So, we have just started using these which claim to have a very high effective rate.


A patient sent me an article a few days ago as she is in the same spot. She sent me this: If you have just embarked upon this path or are into this process deeply, or, if you are just an ordinary person wanting to up your health game. These are very cool! I use mine as my wallet also because it has a place for my ID, ceredit cards and cash. So, it is a very easy all in one.




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On this topic, should we be worried about having Wifi in our homes when trying to heal from IC? 

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Well, as for the bladder-In my opinion it will not prevent you from becoming well. But, of course every bit we can do to make our environments healthier is better and radiation isn't great. I do have wifii in my house and think about it all of the time. It's SOOOO hard! I just bought from the same company I just mentioned, lap protectors because I spend all of my days like so many of us with my laptop on my lap. I did not realize how bad this is somehow. I think we have to figure out how to live in the world we do and keep our exposure to a minimum if that is possible.