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It has been a tremendous month of new information. I am very excited to have made the acquaintance of a new group of doctors, one of which is an immunologist with UCLA. Their work from what I have gathered thus far is quite simialr to mine simply using a different paradigm. What is most interesting to me is that not only do they seem (thus far) to be correlating the model for unwelness in the body in quite a simialr way intestines lymph, cells in the body and brain (via lymph), but a big part of it is the water. As anyone who knows my work realizes, the water is a huge subject of focus for me. One of my patients that I had huge success with for the first few years of treatment, who had at the time been taking prescription meds and eventually really declined no matter how many doctors we sent her to and no matter how many tests we had her do was open to hearing what these docs had to say. On a conference between all of us, we discussed her case and a test specific to their work will be given and then she will be remeasured in one month's time after using their water, which they are explaning is processed to be medicinal. The idea of the water is to deplete the body of toxins essentially and allow the nanomotors within the mitochondria to work more efficiently thereby effecting the entire body in a positive way. The main concept these docs are focused on is referred to as deuterium. The conversation these docs and I had regarding how their concepts related to MTHFR and other gene flasw and my theiries on this matter and how it relates to my work was something. Really incredible. I am anxious to learn more as it seems thus far in my discovery of these theories that their work substantiates mine.

I am at the beginning of this journey in learning about their work, but I was extremely excited to assist this one patient in exploring this avenue as we have done everything it seems to help and she continues to struggle and baffle every kind of doctor. I will post ore as I learn more about this subject and as I can communicate more succintly.

Also exciting was another patient's experience with a homeopath who gave her a very interesting remedy to another of my patients that has come and gone from my practice for many years. I helped her with her bladder but her insomnia has escaped everyone, the worst case  I have ever seen. I have seen about three on this level, hers being the owrst and the most chronic-about 25 years. IT came on suddenly as did her IC. This doc is discussing his theory on acute onset insomnia and and IC and knee problems associated with paratyphoid B ( a form of salmonella). This patient has not slep in all of these years except for an hour here and there per night. I don't know how she has managed to live. She is extremely brave and positive and I so admire her spirit and her desire to survive and thrive. And she does. She was given a remedy for the paratyphoid B and began sleeping immediately for three weeks night after night. Evidently, the paratyphoid B runs in families and can be inherited. I will post more on this subject and the developoments. 

Also new in my life are two doctors specializing in MTHFR one of which I have a conference with tonight who seems incredible and lovely and I am anxious to discuss my work with her and to hear all about hers.

Lastly-I was discussing my work with a friend and as I did I realized, there is so much that I do I forget how unique much of it is. The difference between what one person requires for imporvement vs another is sometimes astounding. I have a patient in another country who I have treated for numerous years. She came to me with IC after alifetime of Kidney issues and migraines and ultimately IC. she has continued to improve with each month and year of treatment. She is now off her migraine medications (what I believe has lead her to her IC) and her kidney fiunction is such that her Renal doctor cannot believe it. This is such a unique case and a great example of the fact that we are all so individual. I have only been giving her one sprinkle of one probiotic for two years. With diet and her probiotic she continues to improve incredibly as had her Kidney function. If you compare a case like this with say, another case where we are giving herbs that are strong to clear out the lymph and tissues with formulas such as ear and GML and 49 and goldenseal etc....with patients having equal imrpovement, it is fascinating isn't it?

The longer I do this the more I realize there is no one size fits all. However, there does seem to be many commonalities and these are the things I mean to ine tune with the eyars to come. And i intend to continue to share as I learn. 




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What I woud give to be a fly on the wall during all of these enlightening conversations you get to have. It  must be thrilling. It sure it thrilling reading about it. I was so excited to see an update this morning!!! Thank you for keeping us in the loop. heart




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:)  :)   :)

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Thanks to YOU, there is always hope.  I love you Dr. M.