New Organ Research

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An incredible article just came to my attention this am regarding new research.

It seems to me that this discovery is very supportive to the theory of lowgrade microbial translocation described in my dissertation published in 2007. We need to learn more about this discovery. It appears to be quite important to this work and to the world of health in general.

Dr. M & B


Claire's picture

Thank you for sharing this!  So very interesting.  I read your thesis awhile ago so I don't exactly remember how MT and BT relates to this idea of the interstitium, but had a few thoughts/followup questions:

- How does this idea of a "new organ" correspond to ideas in chinese medicine?  I know that meridians are related to organs, but from what I understand (which is limited) CCM's idea of organs is quite different from the Western perspective. 

- How does the interstitium relate to fascia?  Totally different?  But related?  Would love to know more.

- On a personal note: during a health crisis this past fall when I had an intestinal obstruction, the md's kept saying I was "3rd spacing" fluid (I looked 6 months pregnant).  Is the interstitium the 3rd space they were refering to?

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Hi Claire :) Here is a link that explains 3rd spacing really well That is not what they are speakin of in the interstitium, and we need to read more to fully understand it. I feel that i relates to our work in that it is another route through which inflammation caused byt the overgrowth via the small intestine through the lymph may travel. Typically this route originates through the Peyer's Patches but, with this new idea in mind, it seems that it could travel through those routes as well. Chinese medicine's idea of Latency and Compensation is easier to understand when one explains the model that we use regarding the lymph, but I think this idea of the interstitum kind of furthers the illustration of how these things may physiologically occur in the body--how they hold pathology. I hope I am being semi clear, I've just come off 26 hours of traveling back to the states and am slightly tired. We can discuss this further for sure, and we need to read more as well and learn more about how this relates to what we are doing.