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I think the conversation chain on our last post was interesting in that the question came up about why we had chosen to give digestalac to a particular patient, especially given how effective it was for her. We had explained that
We often use supplements, including probiotics by viewing them inside the paradigm of Chinese medicine which gives us a very different view of why they would be used in a modern Western paradigm.

We believe that the blending of modern medicine and Chinese medicine allows us to make choices that may not be otherwise made and help people in this unique way. However, probiotics continue to be a huge topic and
certainly most of us whther we use them or not can see the value in the use of them in today's world where healthy GUT flora continues to be the modern day challenge.

We most often use Natren 1, 2, 3 probiotic strain and NOT the 3 in 1 bottle. We also most often use the dairy free versiona dn only the capsules. The loose powder is formulated with a higher vitamin C content which tends to flare those having IC, so we have found that the powder inside the capsules, which only contains 3% vitamin C ios much more genlte and therefore much more effective.

We do also use Metagenic probiotics, the Ultraflora IB has been a favorite and from time to time PB8, Custom probiotics and some others. However, Natren and Metagenics continue to be our focus, Natren moreso, as we believe in isolating the bacteria one at a time and using them more in line with our Chinese medicine model.

When we are having a hard time with probiotics with a given patient, people will oftne come to us with their research and ask about the use of other. Xymogen is one that came to our attention in this way and we are "experimenting" a bit with that currently. Certainly there is no shortage of information regarding probiotics on the Web, but recently, a new blog source came to my attention that is researching probiotics and the asked us to share this with our readers.

You may find this at:

As always, we share what we find interesting with the understanding that this is not quite how we make use of these supplements. However, taking the information and deciding how it applies to any given particlar case is always helpful. In this way over time, we have expanded our own pool opf knowledge. We hoep you find this helpful for you!

Dr.M & B