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I suffered from IC for 6 years before I got to Matia.  I tried every Western treatment available which ultimately did nothing but make me worse.  By the time I got to Matia I was totally housebound, on around the clock pain meds and giving myself daily instillations of heparin.  Within 2 months of Matia’s treatment I noticed a change.  Within 6 months I was much better and after 2 years I was completely without  any traces of my IC-completely symptom free!  It has been three years and I haven’t had one IC symptom.


The most important thing that you must understand is that you must follow Matia’s directions exactly.  Take the herbs exactly as directed and when she puts you on a specific diet and, most importantly, cuts out all your sugar you must follow this to a tee.  Whenever I veered off the diet I suffered set backs.  There are lots of herb changes as you progress so it’s very important that you stay in touch with Matia as frequently as she prescribes. I can promise that you will get better if you stick with her and her protocol.  You must be patient. 


I also had concurrent fibromyalgia, severe constipation and depression along with my IC.  These conditions got better as I progressed through treatment and have required some more specific treatment over the last few years.  But these problems, too, have gotten much, much better.  I still have depression which requires anti depressant medication but otherwise I am drug free.


I remember how sick and hopeless I felt when I finally landed in Matia’s office.  She immediately took control and put everything she had into getting me well.  You will never meet a more dedicated or caring person.  She is a miracle worker!



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Thanks for sharing your story. It gives much needed hope to people like myself who are suffering. I have my first appointment soon and the patient success stories are like signposts leading the way. I know I have chosen the right path. 

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Thankyou for sharing your story with everyone. I have finally made the decision to seek Matia's help, which has been huge for me as I live in Brisbane Australia. It is still a long way off for me but time flies, I am hoping to see her in may next year due to finances. But your stories are what I need to hear and it cements my decision that I have made the right one.  Once again thankyou

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Dr. Brizman,  I was so encouraged by Sharon's story!  I too have severe IC and am on pain medications.  Do you think that her pain free success could have been achieved without accupuntucre?  I am looking forward to becoming your patient in the summer from Texas.  My pain specialist is extremely interested in learning to treat IC patients with accupuncture and is looking for a mentor.  She does not like keeping young women with IC on medication long term.  Thank you for providing a ray of hope!!!Sharon-Texas

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Thank  you for sharing. I am beginning with Matia at the end of October.  I feel like this will be my last stop with with IC, but I know it will be a process. It is good to be reminded we must be patient.  I have never been a patient person, and when I do not see immediate results I usually give up.  This will be the biggest emotional hurdle for me.  I am so happy you are back to life and able to offer hope.