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For years people have been asking us to spread our work, do have seminars or retreats or workshops. We finally came to the conclusion that creating more information in the most expeditious way possible to educate people about what we have learned all of these years was to make videos. Videos can be played over and over, and it is something we can do without taking away from being available for our patients. We made our first one and started our channel yesterday. It is informal, intentionally. As, we are not trying to impress, but simply trying to share our knowledge and create more information and help for those who need it in their own homes. Here it is:  Dr.M & B


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Thank you for doing this - the two of you came across beautifully.  Will you continute to let us know when you submit a new video?  Thanks - Denise


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Thank you and yes :) We are shooting the next one this Friday. This is a learning curve all the way around technilogically etc... so, if it turns out OK we will post it as soon as it is uploaded and cleaned up a bit editing wise. Again, we are trying to keep these casual and not super polished intentionally. We want this to be very authentic to refleect our personalities. We will not be doing things in a particular order, but rather, recording them in a way to get people started in a good direction for the purpose of being the most helpful the soonest and see where that goes. A lot of this of course all of you know, so it will be redundant. But, for those new people who know nothing, it should be very useful. Also, I have found interestingly some of our very seasoned patients from time to time will say things like, " I didn't know that!" And, then we realize somehow a tidbit of communication fell through the cracks. So this is a great way to catch those things that may have slipped through.

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Great video! I love that I can see your warm smiling faces. Many of us communicate by phone and being able to see a real face just made me feel good. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming videos. 

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Thank you so much for the kind words!