Nutrition and IC

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Someone said this week that they noticed feeling worse when they don't eat animal protein. They were wondering if this was their imagination. I confirmed that this correlation is an accurate one. LAck of animal protein may be a contributing facotr in IC as well as an inhibitory factor in not getting well. In my estimation, we need the protein to rebuild damaged tissue in the body, and also to assist in balancing the pH so that the det is not over alkaline. I Know! I know! There is this whole thinking about pH and alkalinity =s health. BUT! pH needs to be in the middle--not TOO acid, not TOO alkaline. Either way, you are not in good balance.I have seen countless examples of people messing up their body chemisty and getting very symptomatic by overalkalining their bodies. The lesson in so much of life is moderation. And, I think that is a hard one to follow. We all seem to think more is better and choose one end of the spectrum. But, was it Buddah that recommended a moderate life? Not Dad did:) He liked Buddah. OK, I am just kidding around now. Seriously, moderation is the way, does not matter who said it!


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You are right!  I used to take nexium, pepcid, pepto bismol and lots of tums--all of this, everyday!!  And my heartburn and stomach acid were out of control.  I have even learned balance with the herbs--if I do too much alkanalizing, the acid gets worse

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You know, as I have said countless times, I don't like to Chinesify a lot of my explanations bc Westerner don't really like that. But, it is super interesting. In Chinese medicine we say that all things will go to the extreme and then the polar opposite. That is exactly what you experienced with the overalkalining the body!