The Power of Words

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OK, this article is loaded. First, I want to say when you read it, that I do not advocate any kind of religeous message in any of my messages to all of you. Zero. I have my own private spiritual beliefs and would never advocate any religeous thought to anyone. Yesterday I spoke a bit about Buddah, but that was in the spirit of Buddah as a philosopher not as a religeon. It had no religeous implication. Today, this article touts a bit of Christianity, but this is also not the point of my message. The message is in the main aspect of the article, which is that words are powerful tools that impact each of us as individuals and the world around us. Words are a form of energy and realizing the power of their potential impact is incredibly important in sickness and in the journey towards health. MAny times perople say things and I think to myself what the the impact of those words are. People don't realize this power, and I think focusing on it may be super helpful in getting well.


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I have been struggling very much as of late and this article really helped me.  I have never been accused of being a positive person... Maybe now I will.  Here is the link to the book.  A clip from YouTube showing positive and negative effects of words on water:

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When I read the title of this blog it reminded me of a book title which I've come acrosss called "Your Body Believes Every Word You Say" by Judith Wershil(Wordswork Press; Rev Exp edition (October 2000).I've never got round to buying this bk but it has stayed in my mind.  

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Fro the book info for more positive thinking! I completely subscribe to this kind of thinking. Over the years I have realized the immense importance of this and really connected with how when someone says something negative how it makes you feel. But, so importantly, how it makes yourself feel when you utter unkind words. The old saying..."if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything"..seems to have been true all along. We just needed to hear it from someone else:).

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This reminded me of when I was starting to learn a new skill, I phoned 2 close relatives to tell them, I was feeling excited. One said "You'll regret it", the other said "I don't know why you're bothering". You can imagine how I felt!  And you've guessed the ending, I didn't get very far and gave up eventually. I'm not blaming them really, I was too influenced by them which led to a lack of determination on my part to press on and I'm sure the lack of encouragement played its part.