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Thank you for everyone who came to listen on our new Youtube channel! It has been great fun getting this started. We are so excited to talk about so many things! Today, I wanted to speak about Probiotics.

Sometimes I post on this subject and I feel that it is ever so redundant. But, I cannot help myself but to post on it today. I spoke to a patient I believe I posted about last year when her annual urologist visit revealed an incredible reversal of her lack of kidney function for the first time in her adult life. This is another year later and it is continuing to improve tremendously.

This is such exciting news especially given that we are doing almost nothing. Yes, almost nothing. But, sometimes nothing is everything. She was doing too much!! We took out all of the things that were problematic medicine wise (with the help of her doctor) and over time used ONE probiotic! We did use a tiny bit of SF for a period and then stopped. So for roughly two or three years, she has been on ONE probiotic and her entire life is coming back. She no longer has painful sex and is eating more and more freely and her doctor is over the moon saying that he has never seen this happen before.

This is why we do this work.

Dr.M & B



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If this a way to complicated question - I"ll understand.  I'm just really curious.  Knowing what little I know about most of your protocols - what made you think to  use just a probiotic? Not sure why this has piqued my interest so much - I don't often dwell on the why of most things. - Thanks - Denise

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I missed this, sorry! This is such a GREAT question!!! THANK YOU for asking!

Part of the word "Integrated" that was used in the Title of my Thesis is there because it speaks to the way in which we utilize a merging of theories between Western and Eastern concepts. Chinese herbs are used within the Chinese paradigm using concepts that are largely energetic rather than clinical as with Western medicine. Of course, in this modern world we live in, and as medicine becomes more and more sophisticated, it seems logical to include the Western aspects of a particular substance when deciding if it is a good idea for the person taking it.

Well, we have found the opposite is also true. So, often when we use supplements such as probiotics, which, in Chinese medicine are not directly spoken about (although they did and do use fermented products) we often prescirbe them as if they were categorized within the Chinese herbal model.

This particular patient's imbalance involved chronic migraines for which she had treated with prescription meds for years and years and the function of only one kidney for almost her whole life. We needed to get those meds out because they were making her low-grade bacterial translocation worse and worse, amking her inflammation and bladder worse and worse. So, if we didn't stop the cycle, it would never end.

We used a bit of SF to clear off the fungal component of the translocation and paired it with bitter cold herbs to clear the lymph from bacteria. However, this was too strong. Her Kidney Yang was not strong enough to support these kinds of herbs due to only one Kidney working and not even that well. So we needed something warming. One might normally think of a Kidney Yang tonic-but those would be too congesting for her system due to all of the overgrowth. Her flares were extreme and lasted weeks on end and then only caused more migraines. The cycle had to end.

So, we used Digestalac because it is a warming bacteria-most are cold. These are things we have learned over the years after ingesting most of these substabnces in our own bodies to test and understand their energetics. So, she was given one drop SF and one sprinkle digestalac one time per day eventually upping it to two and three times per day and eventually upping the amounts further. Now it is approximately three years later and she is only on digestalac and only one per day total and is eating very freely-although still very sensitive to carbs and off all of her meds and takes OTC painkillers for a normal headache about one time every three weeks. Her kidney function in her one kidney is improving significantly and her dr said he has never seen this happen in cases such as hers.

We hope this helps to clarify some of the choices that were made and why. Feel free to ask further if not.

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thank you for explaining - I actually got most of it. In a way I'm a bit excited about my interest. I'm starting to be curious about things - rather than avoid everything. I think a good sign!

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That is an interesting thought. I think you are correct. Boaz and I have both noticed that people's mind set shifts a lot with treatment. As people improve, the are very focused on different things, they develop a much broader vision of the little things and the big things. That's so great!

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What a joy to "check in" on the site and see this post. I watched the video and absolutely loved it! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see more!

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Being the patient that is doing so well on only the digest a lac, I can only say how thankfull I am for finding Matia and started this road of recovery. I had been ill with IC for more than 25 years and now finally I can say I am doing so well. If doing the diet properly I am not in any bladder or vulva pain anymore. Having improved kidney function again and the migraines are getting better and better. Finally I can be me again thanks to a wonderfull lady called Matia Brizman.

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Anneke--thank youi so much for this beautiful post. People need to know it can be OK again, even if they have suffered with what feels like a life time. Thank you for taking the time to write!!!!!! You have inspired me as well as I have watched you get better with your strength of spirit and positivity!!! Thank you!!