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While there are various kind and brands of condoms that may be used and may make a massive difference in your sex life and your reaction to having had sex. Sometimes simply using nothing but the old fashioned pull out method may be the less problematic choice. Speaking to someone today-this change made a huge difference for them and sex is not painful now. This is absolutely not always true, but in this case it was and in other cases I do know it has made a big difference. Of course if conception is not an option, counting yoiur cycle to track fertility and abstaining three days before your fertile days and through fetle days will reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. SPeak to your gynecologist for a more thorough explanation of how to avoid pregnancy using this method.


After intercourse as a woman with IC but even women without IC, it is important to wash with gentle soap and water to help prevent UTI. This is just good hygeine and can make a huge difference.  





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