Spring Water?

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Anyone who has worked with us over the years knows how important spring water has been in our program. As time passes we are trying to do more to create other options for clean water. But for now, this has been our recommendation. Most importantly, knowing the source of your water so that one is able to minimize toxins in the body in order to get well is critical.

This lawsuit just cam to my attention and I am stunned. I knbow a large number of our patients have been consuming Poland Springs water over the years. If you are one of them, you will want to read this:



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Hi Ladies,
Matia- did you see this article?
I generally trust consumer reports.... but it’s tough to know who to trust these days!

I looked up the most recent reports (June 2018) on the Mountain Valley Spring Water site and it is still uncontaminated- whew!
Would love your thoughts!