Vertical Translocation

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Vertical Translocation is the concept of the carrying mother's internal environment affecting the fetus in it's development until birth and the impact of that thereafter.

This is different than the genetic transference from both parents to the baby, but also has a tremendous impact on the health of that baby and how he or she continues to develop after birth. What we have noticed is that babies born to our female patients having or having had IC, may show symptoms of various kinds of chronic inflammatory issues that are reflective of the mother's condition at the time of that pregnancy. So for example, babies will often show signs of colic, eczema, allergies, etc...Sadly some (not our patients during the time of pregnancy) develop IC early on. Our youngest patient was 4 years old!!!  

This is where we as adult women who have gone through the difficult path of IC can make a massive impact on future generations! Although a baby may be born with these kinds of tendencies, they are not so difficult to rebalance and correct. The implementation of breast milk when possible and a good formula when not, the introduction of healthy foods, and supplements where necessary can point that baby's immune system in the direction of health as opposed to furthering his or her chronic inflammatory tendencies. This is something we have seen repeatedly and it is important to know and understand.

It came to my mind this week when discussing a case with one of our patients. Her baby has developed severe eczema after recieving his shots. We are not taking an anti-vaccine position, but rather pointing out that caution must be paid in cases such as these babies being born to these mothers as they may and likely will be much more vulnerable than other babies born to mothers with no chronic inflmmatory or other health issues. At the same time, if the mother is past treatment and balanced, it is likely the baby will be just fine, as many of our patient's babies have been. However, we felt compelled to bring this up as, this conmdition came one day after this baby's three month shots.

Of course conditions may occur completely unrelated to shots and may simply be due to the vertical translocation exclusively. The point is to understand, to be aware, and to be active about the internal balance of your baby to ensure he or she develops in a very healthy manner and is therefore prevented from developing chronic inflmmatory problems.

Dr. M & B



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This is great info. My heart broke reading a 4 year old had IC!!! So wonderfull you are helping them get better! 

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That 4 year old is about 12 now, I think. She responded so well when we treated her and her symptoms melted away. Thank goodness. It broke my heart when her mother told me she would sit in the corner in her rocking chair and cry saying her bladder hurt! A 4 year old shouldn't know what a bladder is! It was a happy story! Another of the little ones we treated is in College now! Her mother wrote me on FB a couple of years ago. She is also well! None of this should happen in the first place! And with the help of each of us, it won't.

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Thank you for this post and putting a scientific name to this. I have from time to time had conversations with friends and family around the idea of not wanting to get pregnant (as am not better yet) and how hard people find that, sometimes suggesting IVF etc. When I explain its firstly because I am in pain and secondly my body is just not in the right state to do this people often cant understand this. I have even had a gynaecologists be weird about all this and didn't get it. Dr B & M where the first to be totally non judgemental and understanding about this. Its so good to have the science behind stuff- thank you x