Weighing the Pros and Cons

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Preventing and treating colds and flus is common place in my profession. We do not advise flu shots. Many patients insist that they must get one each year. There are manyr easons why we might suggest against, here is one:



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I cannot prove this but I feel vaccinations might been the beginning of my immune system's decline and my ulitmate IC development. this is a theory from my naturapath - that I got the vaccine shots as a baby and they compromised my immune system- as a result of the vaccines which have viruses in them- I delveoped bronchitis every autumn as a kid I and was given alot of antibiotics to treat that. Combine a diet high in sugar for years and I was definately setting the stage for unwellness. I also know that that just prior to my developing kidney/bladder infections and then IC- as an adult I received some mandatory vaccinations for a new job I was starting. I don't know how but maybe the vaccines had something werid in them that my body reacted to- it may have been the last straw. Somtimes I marvel at all the little cumulative pieces that add up to the picture of my health condition- a wholistic viewpoint. I can see how each thing somehow contrubuted to my present condition. In a way I'm surprised I wasn't sicker sooner considering how many unhealthy factors I was unknowingly exposed to but I am happy to turn things around now.. I know that one day I will be vibrantly healthy and can help others discover this wonderful path to wellness.Everything you do- every healthy choice you make is making an impact on your health. You might not can see this yet but it is happening! DEEPSLOWTHOROUGH health is happening. If I felt totally better tomorrow than I might be slipping back into old patterns of less healthy consumption. I'm glad that this gives me a chance to develop some good habits that I will use for life. has anyone else experienced anything odd from a vaccination? I notice that there is tremendous pressure to vaccinate. Is it as necessary to vaccinate as everyone says it is-if people did not would we have the edpidemics of smallpox or diptheria? or would our immune systems knock them out anyway without the vaccines? anyone know any good reads on the subject?


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Well, vaccines are a HUGE HUGE issue! I could not even imagine where to begin all my feelings about them. But, in a nutshell, I do think that vaccination often is correlated with health problems both in children as well as adults. And, yes, I have had people that have gotten sick shortly after having been over-vaccinated. If our immune systems are functioning optimally, we should be able to combat illness. There are lots of great websites about all of this information. I have a new website that is not up yet, healthmommies.org that I started with a friend of mine. We will be listing lots of vaccine info there, so watch for it!