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Well, we had an awful lot of views and reads this past week, but, no real commentary. I would love to invite questions or thoughts should any of you have something to share. I also get many people suggesting books lately. I love this. I would really love it even more if with any suggestion, a couple paragraphs could be written to share about the book and I could post it. I read every day constantly, but, of course, its hard to keep up with every book and every video. If you have something you felt is relevant to this, please share.

Also just a reminder, the second you feel sick-stop your normal protocol. That's the time to stop it fast. Viruses and bacteria feed off things that make you stronger-they cannot discern the difference. This includes probiotics except in very specific types of urinary and bladder infection. Even daily vitamins and simple foods like honey can strengthen an infection, so it is best to not include those when you know you are unwell. 

Starting on herbs like Ear formula, Gan Mao Ling, Goldenseal, etc.... is always a good idea once you have felt those initial feelings of being sick and you decide to stop your regular protocol. If you regular protocol includes those kinds of herbs they may be OK to continue, depending on what you are taking. In most cases, they are fine. 

It seems like every year the flu viruses are getting stronger and stronger, and definitely bacterial infections are becoming increasingly resistant due to the overuse of antibiotics. Taking herbs as a methodology to treat yourself or your family when you are sick in one thing that can be done to lessen this growing problem in today's health issues. Further avoiding antibiotics as much as possible help protect our GUT, which can be knocked down for at least 6 months post antibiotic treatment, which, as you all know by now, is fundamentally relevant to the health of the entire body.



Dr. M & B



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Thanks for the reminder - I'm trying to track down your medicine cabinet list - could you repost?  I think a book club would be alot of fun.  I'm not sure if you're looking for the more technical, or the more uplifting?  At the moment, I'm searching for the emotionally heart warming stuff.


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Well, I am a very sappy person so I love uplifting! I am all about looking at the upside of things. I didn't think of it as quite a ook club-but essentially i think that's what it would be, yes. I think beginning with things on topics that would be on the synergystic side of this treatment would be great. As for cold/flu herbs: ear formula formula 49 Gan Mao Ling zhong gan ling and goldenseal to me are essentials. Things to have in your cabinet at most times. There are a few others but these are the basics that you could get started with if you get sick.


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Hi Matia,

I know this isn't realted to the subject of the flu, but it is a regular every day question I have been meaning to ask. What are some websites you like to check on the regular with news on all things natural or holisitc health realted, or when looking for new publications or studies that have been published? I've been struggling to find any good rescources for these types of reads. Thanks!!



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Well there are so many! I read and read and never rely on one source as I appreciate listening to different perspectives and then contemplate how they fit into my own view. I get people suggesting reads and videos constantly so i get side tracked with many of those. But, if you're asking if there is a source that I depend on for information, no,. There is not one, for me there has never been one, as I learned early on that docs are human and have their own opinions and experiences (true for me too) and many things are sprinkled with truths and perspectives. I think a big part of this process of healing is learning and assimilating what is right for you and what your body is communicating. This is why I try really hard to get people to listen to the respoinses they are receiving from their body. I say this particularly because many times what might be technically accurate on a test, is often not the right thing when applied to a given human being or animal. So, observation is necessary to determine is that thing applicable in that context or not. So, I take it all in and try to learn from others and from myself as each of you are doing as well I am sure. Gosh-I hope this helped a little. If you're curious about a topic-google it and see what everyone is saying-read it all and consider it from all sides. Dr.M

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It occurred tome last night after i answered this-many people don't know about pubmed.org-if you go there, I think you have to join. I can't remember, it's been years I have had it on my computer. But, it is a medical site of research. So, that is always a great resorce for hard core science, if that is the kind of reference yoiu are seeking. I like to go there and search as a double check against other things I read.