To Wipe or Not to Wipe, that is the Question!

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OK, big issue! Today a patient came in who has eczema all over her hands and whos
child is getting sick continuously. So I asked what is going on? Is there mold in your house?
As we sat and discussed the details of her case she took this bottle out of her bag and
showed it to me. It was the natural equivalent of the standard antimicrobial hand lotions
and wipes that are available today. I was stunned bc I realized that this was a breakdown
in communication from my part. Now I realized why she and her son had not been doing
well over these past months. She told me she has obsessive hand wiping habit for both
her and her son. I want to be super clear here-natural antibiotics must also be used with
the same kind of care that western antibiotics should be. They all kill. We need to preserve
our natural balance of bacteria on our skin inside and out to have an immune system.

So, if you are in a place where you are touching lots of suspicious surfaces, just dont
touch your face. When you get home wash your hands with your won gentle soap-one
that is not antibacterial. OR carry a gentle soap in your purse and if you need to go
to the restroom and wash with that. But, stop using strong antimicrobial washes on
your hands so you don't wash away all the good stuff too! 

Not to mention it will exacerbate your IC!! 


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I am somewhat horrified to see how many antimicrobial products are appearing in the stores. Pens, mousepads, today I saw wall-full of antimicrobial cotton dish towels! I had to search very hard to find the untreated (and cheaper) non treated towels. I am sure that all of these things are not good for our bodies. We have to be very cautious shoppers and read all the labels.

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I didn't know there were natl versions of hand sanitizers.  I became a germ freak after I got ic and was obsessed with those clear gel hand sanitizers.  I used them every time I left a store or public bathroom.  If I was running errands, I could end up rubbing it into my skin four or five times in two hours!  I think I remember eventually telling you what I was doing, I honestly didn't realize it could be an issue.  I know that certain things, like heartburn/reflux, improved some after I quit.  I remember you telling me not to touch my face a long time ago, so I just do that.  I am religious about not touching it.  If my face or nose itches while I am out in the public touching things I use a kleenex.  Now, getting my husband to stop touching his face has been another story.  He compulsively does it and it drives me nuts!!  It is a real bone of contention in our marriage.  Another way to protect yourself from germs is to keep your hand moisturized! (wi/bomasense lotion for icers of course).  I have read that germs can get in through cracks in dry skin.  I have been washing my hands at least 3x a week w/anitbacterial handwash at the laundromat when I am done cleaning it.  I never thought to carry my own soap.  I will have to get some.  I didn't think 3x a week was a huge deal but maybe it is.  My church has anti bacterial soap as well, so I am using that every week too.  I get some diluted pine sol on my skin as well when I clean.  Is that bad?What is in the natl anti mircobial products?  What if you are taking natl killers for a cold, etc, like goldenseal or oregano?  Do they kill good bacteria?

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I think carrying a little bottle of your own "known safe" hand soap is a great idea. I use hand sanitizer on my kids after we've been out in public and didn't even think about it. It seemed like a "necessary evil".Thanks for the reminder. I'll carry a bottle of diluted hand soap and put it on a safe hand wipe to clean them up from now on. I'll also carry a bottle in my purse for myself. I've noticed that I get flares after using public hand soaps. Most of them are antibacterial these days. Thanks for always looking out for us and our loved ones.