E's Oklahoma Salmon

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E's Oklahoma Salmon


can red-sockeye salmon, crush little bones and include into recipe (can use pink salmon but I think red-sockeye has more flavor)
dill and garlic salt
whatever veggies you can have chopped fine (i have used broccoli, green peppers, celery, onion, kale. I like to use as many veggies as possible that way I know I am getting a lot in.)
egg (whisked (optional) used for binding if needed)
small potato mashed (optional) (or some cooked brown rice (optional))
spelt flour(optional) ( I like this, makes the salmon burgers more crunchie)


Mix all ingredients except spelt in a bowl. Shape into burgers. Dust with spelt flour. Refridgerate for at least one hour (or longer if you have the time). This helps the burger to stay together more when frying. Brown in olive oil. If you can have lemon juice add some to cooked burgers before eating. I like to make a bigger quantity and take them to work. Delicious cold too. I don't micorwave my food so I try to pack some things that can be eaten cold. Also nice to break up the salmon burgers and toss into your salad. Enjoy!