Fran's Chicken Soup

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Fran's Chicken Soup



Put a large pool of olive oil in the bottom of the pan and sauté onion and a small amount of garlic. Add a whole organic chicken breast with bones in. Add about two inches of water and let that simmer on low for quite a while. Then add about 5 cups of water and keep simmering until all of the chicken falls off the bone. Remove the bone. Add more water as it cooks away. I tend to put in all the vegetables I can eat closer to the time I want to eat the soup. I keep adding fresh vegetables each time I eat some. Add salt to taste. Whatever spices you can tolerate can be added as well
I also always have a large pre-cooked bowl of brown rice in the refrigerator. I make it in the microwave and add it cold to the soups and stews which cools them down so they are always ready to