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From Deir---

Hi! I just read the description of the page showing people's successes during treatment. I will try to attach links to my show along with a little description! Hope this works. Like Denise, I am not the most tech savvy.
Last year, Dr b posted a blog question about our Hopes and Dreams. In that post, I mentioned that I was hoping to perform again and soon! What happened was kind of amazing. Soon after that blog, I ended up being offered a night to perform a One Woman Show at a theater in Philadelphia. I had been batting around the idea but without a venue or solid idea. Now suddenly I had a venue! So 2 months or so later, I was up on stage having put together my own show with a 4 piece band! It was an amazing experience. 6 months later, I can still recall the elation. I could write a book about this honestly but I will try to keep it short. What I learned was that not only can I survive IC- I can have moments of pure bliss. Everything about my life went into this show- the good and the bad. It would not have been the same show if I hadn't gone through what I have gone through these past 4 years. It went through many,many edits- songs were cut or changed, monologues were adapted or lengthened. I wondered whether I would talk directly about IC and in the final cut, I did not, which was a really good idea. 
If anyone would like to watch it- here are the 4 links. the whole thing is about 1 hour 10 minutes and there is a through-line but you could skip around too!