Nicole's Thanksgiving Meal

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Nicole's Thanksgiving Meal


Spelt Stuffing 4 servings
8 sli
Pacific Bakery spelt bread
1⁄4 c
onion or leeks
stalks celery
1⁄2 t
1⁄4 t
salt ( just a sprinkle)
3 T


Toast bread and crumble in a bowl. Add spices, chopped celery and onion. Fill with water just so it covers and absorbs the bread. Add butter and place in oven 350% 10-15 min

After you clean the turkey and get rid of all the liver and goblets, place the turkey in the pan breast up. Pre heat the oven at 400.Cut slices of garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, salt and pepper and stuff them under the skin all over. Also you can rub the turkey on the top of the skin. It will be flavored more if it is under and on the skin. You will need enough to cover it generously. Pour 1/2 chicken broth or water on the pan. Place the thermometer parallel to breastbone deep in. Let it reach 170-175, the leg will be 180. With a baster pour the juices all over the turkey every 20 min to avoid it being dry.
My Stuffed Zucchini recipe that is posted on the site would go good with this. Potatoes and Rita's Spring Vegetables would be great. For an appetizer you can make my artichoke dip. I always make my self some ice tea out of cinnamon or lemon basil. It is real good and I don't feel left out that way. I just boil the leaves in a pot and pour them in a picture and place in the fridge.