Exciting News

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I have not had as much time ovder the last couple of years to post on this blog as I spend so much of my extra time helping people outside of clinic hours and researching. I spend time researching more on my theories and on the theories of others. The goal is always how to improve upon my own results. 

Today as I was reaching out and trying to help a patient working with another doctor, I by accident stumbled up two other doctors who have been doing ground-breaking research in an area of immunology that just may be the thing that wraps up all of these questions marks I have been having in my own practice regarding gene flaws and methylation pathways and my own model for chronic illness. I am so incredibly excited to have had this experience and contact.

These other docs called me two minutes after I hung up with the initial doctor I was conversing with. What a great conversation!

I look forward to sharing more of what I am now about to learn. What was really lovely was that when I explained my model for chronic illness-one of the docs said he had written virtually the same model 30 years ago and that I was 100% correct in my theory. I have been searching to find further Western support for my model and it seems now that I may just have found it, but more importantly, perhaps I have also found a way in which I can improve upon that model to help people faster and help those who have not been able to do well. I am over the moon at the moment and wanted to share.




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What incredible news.  I am happy for you and for all of us.  I look forward to hearing more- Denise


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I am so excited to hear more about this!!! Claudine xx

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Time to accelerate! woo-hoo!