The Mouth and Chronic Illness

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Over the years, the connection between the teeth and gums-even jaw structure and internal health has gained attention and credibility. More and more integratvie dentists and orthodontist are doing some pretty incredible things--palate expanders- lasers and light treatments, so much more and of course, this really cool new treatment for receding gums (below). Gum recession in my experience is directly related to the internal environment, the gut ecology. However, the gums may have a hard time playing catch up and sometimes nerve may become exposed and pain may become a problem before the gum recession can improve. A patient recently brought this to my attention and I think it is pretty interesting. The only issue is collagen does seem to agitate things a bit-however, I think that effect would be transient and the pluses may just outweigh the potential negatives in this case. Please watch this very interesting video:


Dr. M


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This sounds great except for the collagen part, which recently caused me a prolonged bladder flare.  However if the amount used is minimal it might be a better alternative than regular gum grafting, which is painful and invasive..  

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Yes, I realize--There are always (+) and (-) to consider. However, this problem can be really traumatic-I think it may be a good alternative in some people.