A Year End 2016 Success Story

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A Year end success story from someone who reached out a few weeks ago to share her happiness. This is her story, I did not edit:

My story .
(My success)

When I was 33 I was diagnosed with IC . I still remember my primary care Doctor sending me to see an "Specialist " "to get me better but yet several rounds of antibiotics and I was still in excruciating pain... 
but in reality he was giving up on me and that was the beginning ....
An urologist for me was something vague that men would need to see in their 50 to get their prostate smaller ... I was not quite ready to embrace that first talk in this alien looking room . 
Catheters , instead of speculum, urodynamic chairs and sensors Lidocaine instead of a common Pap smear test... Everything seen to be so different but hey , when I finish this bottle of new antibiotics I will be cured and everything will be normal again ! Yea ! But , as we all know , that wasn't the case ...
More trips to the DR, then another DR then another ,antibiotics Elmiron , Dsmo , cocktels ( and not the fun ones) then the feeling of been exhausted , losing control my heart was broken , I was in pain , lost ... Alone alEveryone keep saying "just drink cranberry juice "it was so annoying that I just gave up talking to people about this ...I start choosing my battles and I want to invest my energy and getting better I need it to make a plan . I smart move . Something need to change . For real I had Enough. Something was making me sick and I need it to take control of my life back . 
Then , one day I found Mattia she show me the path ,,; and I decide to take it . I compromise to myself that this is the only way . I stopped feeling desperate and I embraced myself as a whole , It was ok to give myself the time to heal . It was ok to take things easy . ..

I decide delete myself from every social group , associated with IC . I stop calling disease and I call "condition " and I drop the adjective " Cronic" I just start ejecting the IC from what ever I could . 
Matthia educate me and show me the path of knowledge and worth time I learn that no all what you see in the shelves of the stores is gentle on you ,I learn to read the boring back labels and slowly I start making the right choices..
This is what worked for me ... And it may help someone else. But just know , The healing path is hard , it would pull every single strength out of you , it Will break you to the core and will rebuild you from the ashes , some days you will feel isolate from the world, dying to take a break and you will find yourself alone fighting the undefeated "unknown" but in this battle you can't take a breaks the path of healing Is slow , painful and expensive ... But no matter what it will pay back . Is not an easy path, and define the not a path for every one but for me was the only one . 
Today , I'm 39 IC free and I recently become a mom of a beautiful healthy 8 pound 7 oz baby girl that I delivered naturally with out meds my little Charlotte the light of my eyes .

Every IC patient is a unique peace of art ... Is no other like you . Your unique and your healing path is unique ... 


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